ELGi North America aims to offer customers a DIVERSE range of compressed air solutions with the lowest ownership cost experience supported by RESPONSIVE service.

With more than 5000 satisfied customers, ELGi North America aspires to build a TEAM of leaders to build a leading brand in the North American compressed air industry.







Promoting a culture of innovation will ensure that ELGi always retains a leading edge


ELGI’s aim is to grow exponentially as an organization by seizing opportunities as quickly as they arise


ELGi values relationships with stakeholders, so it’s a priority to go that extra mile to cater to their needs intuitively


ELGi believes collaborating with each other leads to greater synergy and higher efficiency


ELGi delivers uncompromised and top-notch 
quality consistently


Honesty and integrity are the foundation of all undertakings in the ELGi relationships


ELGi’s energy-efficient compressed air systems are RELIABLE and generate a lower carbon footprint. In addition, they are designed to achieve LOW running COSTS, which helps maximize profits.

 ELGi’s EN series electric lubricated rotary screw air compressors are known for their RELIABILITY, low maintenance requirements, and small footprint making them IDEAL  for industrial applications where size, efficiency, and cost matter

ELGi compressors are designed for ease of service which lowers the service costs

ELGi compressors come with the industry-leading warranty: ELGi offers a Lifetime warranty of 6-10 years for their screw compressors. This is double the length of some competitor's warranties.

ELGi continues to produce energy-efficient compressors

ELGi is present in over 100 countries and has a fast growing distributor network.

Energy accounts for almost 75 – 80% of the lifecycle cost of an air compressor. Across the world, business owners are increasingly faced with not just the rising costs of fuel, but global concerns about the environment and air quality.

At ELGi, they have made a commitment to every customer across the globe - ELGi compressors offer maximum energy efficiency and sustainable advantages from a total cost of ownership perspective

ELGi takes care of its customers service needs globally via rapid response system and air restoration with minimal downtime

ELGi commits to ship replacement parts within 24 hours of notice of product failure during standard business hours (not including weekends and holidays) for a product covered under ELGi's Standard or Extended Warranty.

If the ELGi compressor is non-operational within 48 hours of notice of product failure due to lack of replacement parts, ELGi will provide reimbursement for air compressor rental costs as outlined below.

We always get a lot of questions on “lifetime warranty”- yes, it is true that if you maintain the machine, ELGi will warranty the airend for the lifetime of the unit